TRH3 Almost Here!


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heh, TRH3 sounds a little like an acronym from the Terminator. The Renaissance Hunt (and Fair), starts Sunday! It’s been a long time since I was able to go to a RL Renaissance Fair, but I still have pictures and … Continue reading

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt News!

This is a great hunt, so many cool things!  I had no idea there were so many steampunk fans out there, but plenty of burlesque babies too :)  Elotte Bridgers has put together a great couple of blogposts showing some of the prizes (including mine! woot!):

I totally forgot to post my hunt prize pics, so here it is.  There’s also a freebie to be found near the hunt item, so be sure to check around the area.  It’s not hidden. :)


New! Burlesque Flora

I had a request for something like Flora, but something that would “show off my legs”.  So here it is… Flora in Sage Pink, BurlyQ style.  It includes an underbust corset, but you could also wear it with the Flora mesh corset from the boudoir outfit.  Full back skirt with rosettes at the hip.  Accessories are included!  Soon to be posted on the marketplace, as soon as I can get out from under this rock!  For now, find it inworld in my Mieville shop


Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt starts tomorrow!

Cog & Fleur will be participating from the Mieville shop.  Burlesque and Boudoir can be found on the 2nd floor and there’s a little freebie to be found there as well. :)


Sinister Steampunk Hunt!

Started Aug 1, runs through the month!  For my second hunt on SL, I’m introducing a neevil character called “Mad Mae”.  Poor Mae had a rough childhood, which doesn’t quite justify what she became.  Part alchemist, part magician, part witch, Mae is obsessed with finding the antidote to death through spells and chemical compounds using the blood and tissue of living creatures, primarily the sea creatures she calls her “squiddies”.

For the hunt, I’m offering two prizes. First, a green gown and leather apron outfit, which includes tool belt, hammer and bloody gloves.  This prize can be found at the Rag Dollz shop, see poster for location hint.


The second prize is just a little extra something for fun — Mae’s squiddy pendant.  Squiddy parts in green liquid in a test tube on a chain. Oooky.  Find this one at the Mieville shop, see poster for location hint. :)


Also at the Mieville shop, Mad Mae’s worktable and some of her ooky things in a bundle, plus her blood gown and canvas apron.



I haven’t posted these to the marketplace yet, but will very soon!

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt starts in a few days!!!!!!