Classic Grecian – Rose Gowns

Classic gown with soft roses textured fabric, roses at shoulder and sash, and roses cuffs.  Available in five standard mesh sizes with alpha layer, and five colors.  Long, lace-trimmed gloves are included.  MP links:

Opal –
Amethyst –
Blood Red –
Black/Silver –
Peacock –


classic_rosesgown_opal classic_rosesgown_amethyst classic_rosesgown_bloodred classic_rosesgown_blacksilver classic_rosesgown_peacock

World Tour Hunt Starts Today!

I started working on some western style outfits from the movie Silverado.  Good timing, because this hunt assigned us all to a continent.  I got North America, and even though it’s not meant to be a vintage hunt, I decided to make the hats for the hunt.  You’ll find two hats in the prize — Paden’s black hat with silver conch hat band, and a close version of Hannah’s hat, basic brown with an added cloth hatband.  Look for a tiny globe on top of a curved window frame.


Carnivals and Hunts – Death Row Designs, Cog & Fleur, et al. | Acquisitive

I got blogged!  I’m so tickled.  My Dark Hearts corset is featured, and in some wonderful pics!  I really envy ppl who can take such great pics in SL, it’s not an easy thing to do.  Check out the post here:

Carnivals and Hunts – Death Row Designs, Cog & Fleur, et al. | Acquisitive.

More Romantic Vintage Boudoir Outfits

Pink rose boudoir outfits in pale pink with rose quartz hearts.