Shabby Chic Hunt Blogged! :))

Shabby Chic Hunt (Freebies) « Pure Eggs & Spam.

Fi's Hunts - The Shabby Chic HuntI’m always thrilled to see any of my creations blogged!  Super tickled to see the blurb in the above post about my kitchen hutch, altho she calls it a dresser, I won’t quibble :))

The Shabby Chic Hunt runs through the end of the month, and my prize is at the Rag Dollz shop (

Here’s my pic of it, since I guess I forgot to mention it here:


New Hunts Starting Today!

Coupla very cool hunts started today.

The Retro Hunt (Fi’s Hunts), lots of retro goodness.
Check the blog for LM’s, hints & pics:

My prize is a small console table and vase.
retro_sidetable_vase&roses_4_hunt(Got some blog-,mention already, here.)

Steam the Hunt IX
Check the blog for LM list and pics:

Hopeful Romantics, find your rose colored goggles.  M/F versions included.