The Dragon Queen

Fantasy fun for this Genre event – Age of the Dragon – opening on 8/15.  The Dragon Queen outfit includes gown w/ shoulder pauldron and drape.  For Genre I have four colors: blood red, dark amethyst, teal and topaz/gold.  Matching jewelry and shoes are available.



New Shop Buildings!

storepic_teleporterIt’s almost settled!  The dust that is.  I’m still organizing inventory – took some time obsessing on a little garden area, realized things were too spread out and added a little teleport system, and through all this I’ve managed to keep up with weekend sales and new releases.  Of course, I haven’t had time to do much else but it’s fun to have an obsession like this.

My ToDo List includes a section for furnishings/decor and where to put all my historical costumery…  skyboxes maybe?  Come and visit!

storepic_front storepic-garden

Witchery: Lamia’s Disguise and Cordelia Mesh Gowns

Simwide hunt starts today on Rag Dollz Island!  It’s the September Supernatural, so there should be some fun Halloweeny stuff.

I’ve made a special outfit just for the hunt: Lamia’s Disguise.  If you’ve seen the movie Stardust  then you’ll know this outfit.  Lamia is the beautiful but horrible witch trying to kill the star and take her heart.  She disguises herself as an innkeeper’s wife and this is the outfit she wears!


This gown won’t be posted in the MP or instore until after the hunt, so come to the Rag Dollz shop and find it!  (Look for the pumpkin with the goggly eyes).

Also, new for Halloween, Cordelia, mesh gown with cloak, jewelry and shoes.  Only two colors so far, but more in the works:




Inspired by Lucrezia Borgia, gowns in the fashion of that era available in 3 colors.  Includes empire waist skirts, chemise/blouse, dress top with straps and dress top with long sleeves, puff shoulder sleeves and mesh long sleeves with alpha.

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New Shop on Rag Dollz Island

New shop *  new shop * new shop!

The main shop will still be located on Mieville Doyle Victorian Sim, but this little satellite shop is truly a gem.   I just love it.  It’s 2 full stories, bay windows, great view, and lots of space to show off all my stuffs.  Please stop by if you get a chance.



New Shop on SecondLife!


Cog & Fleur on SL

Finally bit the bullet and opened a shop on SL.  I’m right down the street from Elysiane’s The Vintage Touch and Dame Hallow’s shop Into the Hollow.  Ely says we’re the Vintage Mafia now.  We are on a rather busy sim – Rag Dollz Island – but we’re on the back side so I hope we’re not lost amongst all the great shops there.

If you’re feeling like a stroll down vintage lane, stop by and visit Cog & Fleur on SL!


Damask Shrug / Jacket

Found this lovely vintage-style jacket mesh and have been going a little crazy with it.  Different brooches, damask lace textures, many colors!  Here are the red and ivory, check my marketplace for more:

Ivory Jacket

Ivory Shrug / Jacket

Red Jacket

Red Jacket