Naughty Outfit Blogged

The Evil Bunny Hunt, with one more week to go, is a hugely popular hunt that offers naughty and nice prizes.  Some merchants chose to do one or the other, I chose to do both!  My naughty outfit, a smexy black leopard jacket and shorts set, got blogged here:

SL Freebie Addiction: Ladies Night.

I’m always amazed how creative folx get with their SL pics.  Great settings / backgrounds, cool poses, good lighting… it’s a skill and a talent I envy! Here’s my product pic:


The “nice” outfit was especially fun to make.

katy_cottagerose4huntThese will both be available in the shop after the hunt is over, but you have another week to hunt for them in the main shops and get them for free!

New Hunts Starting Today!

Coupla very cool hunts started today.

The Retro Hunt (Fi’s Hunts), lots of retro goodness.
Check the blog for LM’s, hints & pics:

My prize is a small console table and vase.
retro_sidetable_vase&roses_4_hunt(Got some blog-,mention already, here.)

Steam the Hunt IX
Check the blog for LM list and pics:

Hopeful Romantics, find your rose colored goggles.  M/F versions included.


Classic Grecian – Rose Gowns

Classic gown with soft roses textured fabric, roses at shoulder and sash, and roses cuffs.  Available in five standard mesh sizes with alpha layer, and five colors.  Long, lace-trimmed gloves are included.  MP links:

Opal –
Amethyst –
Blood Red –
Black/Silver –
Peacock –


classic_rosesgown_opal classic_rosesgown_amethyst classic_rosesgown_bloodred classic_rosesgown_blacksilver classic_rosesgown_peacock

World Tour Hunt Starts Today!

I started working on some western style outfits from the movie Silverado.  Good timing, because this hunt assigned us all to a continent.  I got North America, and even though it’s not meant to be a vintage hunt, I decided to make the hats for the hunt.  You’ll find two hats in the prize — Paden’s black hat with silver conch hat band, and a close version of Hannah’s hat, basic brown with an added cloth hatband.  Look for a tiny globe on top of a curved window frame.


February Valentine’s Hunts Starting Soon

February will be a busy months for hunts.  I’ve got 5 hunts running from my Wallingford shop, all starting Feb 1.  Below you’ll find the prizes for each, and where to find more info:


A Gothic Romance
Hosted by Best Home Deals
BLOG / Hints
Looking for a long stemmed rose.  M/F/Unisex so some stores (like mine) will have two prizes to find.  And the theme, obviously, is gothic, which will probably mean a wide variety of love and anti-love items.


Dark Hearts corset / burlyQ outfit for women:
valentines_tease_female_4_BHDHuntDark Hearts vest, shirt and trousers for men:
SCH2Stupid Cupid Hunt
Hosted by EvilBunny Hunts / Starts at Grumble
This one is only running through the 15th.
I’ve got two prizes, one for male and female, but there’s only one hunt item to find.  Look for an arrow on the third floor.
KTMHH RP SignKey to My Heart Hunt
Hosted by I&R Fun with Hunts
Looking for a Key (surprised?)
My gift: peach hearts jewelry set – necklace and earrings.

I hate you hunt logo jpgI Hate You Hunt
Hosted by NefeliEvents
Look for a black puffy heart on the third floor.
Theme is anti-love or broken-hearted.My prize is a tattoo for face, chest and/or butt cheek, with weeping hearts in two colors.
Romantic Nights
Look for a blue heart on the 1st floor.My prize is a romantic setting with a dark red ottoman as the centerpiece.  It includes my first attempt at interactive poses (a shoulder massage with floor pillow).  Also includes a box of chocolates and a red rose.

Christmas Outfits – Burgundy & Gold

I’ve got my Christmas on!  The first two outfits in my Elegance Christmas Collection for Second life:

Burgundy mesh mini dress with gold trim over sheer blouse and leggings, all with gold stars.  I’ll be doing more colors, this is just the first. :)  Inworld at both shops, coming to the MP soon.


Matching mesh boots!xmas_mesh_calf_boots512

Renaissance gown with flex skirts, sculpty sleeves and shoulders:


and matching shoes!


Witchery: Lamia’s Disguise and Cordelia Mesh Gowns

Simwide hunt starts today on Rag Dollz Island!  It’s the September Supernatural, so there should be some fun Halloweeny stuff.

I’ve made a special outfit just for the hunt: Lamia’s Disguise.  If you’ve seen the movie Stardust  then you’ll know this outfit.  Lamia is the beautiful but horrible witch trying to kill the star and take her heart.  She disguises herself as an innkeeper’s wife and this is the outfit she wears!


This gown won’t be posted in the MP or instore until after the hunt, so come to the Rag Dollz shop and find it!  (Look for the pumpkin with the goggly eyes).

Also, new for Halloween, Cordelia, mesh gown with cloak, jewelry and shoes.  Only two colors so far, but more in the works:




Inspired by Lucrezia Borgia, gowns in the fashion of that era available in 3 colors.  Includes empire waist skirts, chemise/blouse, dress top with straps and dress top with long sleeves, puff shoulder sleeves and mesh long sleeves with alpha.

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