Classic Grecian – Rose Gowns

Classic gown with soft roses textured fabric, roses at shoulder and sash, and roses cuffs.  Available in five standard mesh sizes with alpha layer, and five colors.  Long, lace-trimmed gloves are included.  MP links:

Opal –
Amethyst –
Blood Red –
Black/Silver –
Peacock –


classic_rosesgown_opal classic_rosesgown_amethyst classic_rosesgown_bloodred classic_rosesgown_blacksilver classic_rosesgown_peacock

Vampire Diaries Hunt Starts Today!

Stop by the Mieville shop for more info on this hunt.  There’s a street sign just outside the main door as you land that gives hint, shop LMs and group joiner.  Then head inside to find the hunt prize — a replication of a gown Katherine wore in season … 2?  Not sure.  I just fell in love with the gown and had to give it a shot.


 3 more gown in similar style have just been added as well, all in sumptuous jewel tones, available inworld, coming soon to the MP:

katherine_amethyst_512 katherine_ruby_512 katherine_teal_512


Vintage boudoir outfit in deep purple with amethyst gemstone accents.  Outfit includes mesh corset, bloomers, chemise, stockings and long skirt.

Amethyst! Boudoir Outfit


Corset is available alone as well: