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Yes, it’s that time of year again, the annual Steamhunt is on!  From the main landing point, follow the tracks inside.  Find a place to sit and look underneath to find the little gear that contains the hunt prize, a set of rusty portholes, one of which was slammed shut just in time and left a nasty green tentacle goo on the window.  (The theme this year is Realms of the Deep)  



Read more about the hunt on the websplunker blog:webspelunker – My Travels Across Second Life: Among the Steampunks: STEAM XI in Second Life

The Dragon Queen

Fantasy fun for this Genre event – Age of the Dragon – opening on 8/15.  The Dragon Queen outfit includes gown w/ shoulder pauldron and drape.  For Genre I have four colors: blood red, dark amethyst, teal and topaz/gold.  Matching jewelry and shoes are available.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Analog%20Dog%20Hair/31/228/3285


Genre Celebration!

Coming soon, a new round of Genre, and the theme is celebrations.  I’m offering these vintage party dresses in 6 colors, for $100 L each in the Genre event only.  The base dress is mesh in 5 sizes, and included is an optional full sheer skirt.  There will be an extra goodie or two for $10 L but I haven’t decided what yet. :))

vintage_celebrate_dresses_for_genreUpdate:  Here’s the link to the genre shopping guide for this event:  https://genreinsl.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/shopping-guide-celebration/


Satin Doll Gowns

I actually made 7 of these gowns in different shades, but I opted to only release 3 for the Genre Big Band event.  The others are ready for launch after the event ends.  It was tough choosing which 3 to release.  My personal favorite is the Flame gown which shimmers in a lovely way as if you’re on fire.  Special light settings in the new firestorm are amazing.  Anyway, here are the 3 gowns, only available at the Genre event through May 11:

satindoll_gown_opal512satindoll_gown_midnightblue512 satindoll_gown_peacock512There are matching earrings in a huge dangly deco style for $10L.


The Mother Road: Route 66 | Second Life

Woohoo! our Route 66 event is listed in the SL featured events!

The Mother Road: Route 66

This event lasts all week from July 27th through August 4th with all sorts of events occurring every day. Please visit Route 66 in Mieville, Arizona to pick up your schedule, join in the parades, fireworks, contests, dances, hunts, games, prizes, shopping and more! Come on, get your kicks on the mother road, Route 66.

Visit in Second Life

The Mother Road: Route 66 | Second Life.