The Dragon Queen

Fantasy fun for this Genre event – Age of the Dragon – opening on 8/15.  The Dragon Queen outfit includes gown w/ shoulder pauldron and drape.  For Genre I have four colors: blood red, dark amethyst, teal and topaz/gold.  Matching jewelry and shoes are available.



More Soldiery!

I’m not really obsessed with military fashion, it’s just a phase :)  These outfits were designed for the Genre Military event this last month, and are now available in the main shop.  There are two uniform styles, long jacket and short jacket, for the Army of the Lion, and the Army of the Dragon.  The short jacket includes a hud so you can change the color. Each army has embossed symbols on the jacket, military cap, and trouser legs. Matching ankle bootlets too. The Dragon uniform got blogged too!  Check out this great blogpost!