TRH3 Events: Sunday Afternoon Jousting & a Concert!


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What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  If you missed the jousting yesterday, another go-round is scheduled for next Sunday, 4pm SLT, at the Renaissance Fairgrounds jousting arena.  Scroll down for pics… I tried to get good pics of … Continue reading

TRH3 Almost Here!


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heh, TRH3 sounds a little like an acronym from the Terminator. The Renaissance Hunt (and Fair), starts Sunday! It’s been a long time since I was able to go to a RL Renaissance Fair, but I still have pictures and … Continue reading

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt News!

This is a great hunt, so many cool things!  I had no idea there were so many steampunk fans out there, but plenty of burlesque babies too :)  Elotte Bridgers has put together a great couple of blogposts showing some of the prizes (including mine! woot!):

I totally forgot to post my hunt prize pics, so here it is.  There’s also a freebie to be found near the hunt item, so be sure to check around the area.  It’s not hidden. :)


Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt starts tomorrow!

Cog & Fleur will be participating from the Mieville shop.  Burlesque and Boudoir can be found on the 2nd floor and there’s a little freebie to be found there as well. :)


Upcoming Event: Sun & Fun Hunt

sun&fun_poster Come and join the summer fun!  We’re all hiding special summer goodies for you to find.

My stuff will be in the fifties/sixties style, so if you like vintage beachwear, come and join the hunt!

Where: Rag Dollz Island (Second Life)

When: July 15 – 31st