Millicent – New Victorian-esque Steampunk-ish Outfits

Introducing Millicent!  Outfit pieces include jacket/vest/shirt collar, skirt with lace-up front, ankle boots, and hat w/ veil and bow.  This outfit complements the Vittoria and Jaden outfits and will eventually be offered in all the same colors.  So far, I have brown/gold, green/rust, and red/black.  Added black and violet.  Marketplace: 

Millicent_BUNDLE_redblack Millicent_BUNDLE_greenrust Millicent_BUNDLE_browngold

1892 The cutters’ practical guide to the cutting of …

An illustrated page from The cutters’ practical guide to the cutting of Ladies’ Garments.

I love that these old books and documents are available to us!  This one is 142 pages of instruction with illustrations in the center.  Check this page, where you can find a class in proper tailoring offered to women.  Snicker… guess there was stitching and sewing, and then there was tailoring.


Slinky Pencil Skirts

These mesh skirts have a great fit, don’t make your backside look too huge or out of proportion, yet create a very sexy shape.  Five standard SL sizes available and many colors to match all my shrug jackets.