Vampire Diaries Hunt Starts Today!

Stop by the Mieville shop for more info on this hunt.  There’s a street sign just outside the main door as you land that gives hint, shop LMs and group joiner.  Then head inside to find the hunt prize — a replication of a gown Katherine wore in season … 2?  Not sure.  I just fell in love with the gown and had to give it a shot.


 3 more gown in similar style have just been added as well, all in sumptuous jewel tones, available inworld, coming soon to the MP:

katherine_amethyst_512 katherine_ruby_512 katherine_teal_512

1892 The cutters’ practical guide to the cutting of …

An illustrated page from The cutters’ practical guide to the cutting of Ladies’ Garments.

I love that these old books and documents are available to us!  This one is 142 pages of instruction with illustrations in the center.  Check this page, where you can find a class in proper tailoring offered to women.  Snicker… guess there was stitching and sewing, and then there was tailoring.


Witchery: Lamia’s Disguise and Cordelia Mesh Gowns

Simwide hunt starts today on Rag Dollz Island!  It’s the September Supernatural, so there should be some fun Halloweeny stuff.

I’ve made a special outfit just for the hunt: Lamia’s Disguise.  If you’ve seen the movie Stardust  then you’ll know this outfit.  Lamia is the beautiful but horrible witch trying to kill the star and take her heart.  She disguises herself as an innkeeper’s wife and this is the outfit she wears!


This gown won’t be posted in the MP or instore until after the hunt, so come to the Rag Dollz shop and find it!  (Look for the pumpkin with the goggly eyes).

Also, new for Halloween, Cordelia, mesh gown with cloak, jewelry and shoes.  Only two colors so far, but more in the works:



New Shop on Rag Dollz Island

New shop *  new shop * new shop!

The main shop will still be located on Mieville Doyle Victorian Sim, but this little satellite shop is truly a gem.   I just love it.  It’s 2 full stories, bay windows, great view, and lots of space to show off all my stuffs.  Please stop by if you get a chance.



New! Burlesque Flora

I had a request for something like Flora, but something that would “show off my legs”.  So here it is… Flora in Sage Pink, BurlyQ style.  It includes an underbust corset, but you could also wear it with the Flora mesh corset from the boudoir outfit.  Full back skirt with rosettes at the hip.  Accessories are included!  Soon to be posted on the marketplace, as soon as I can get out from under this rock!  For now, find it inworld in my Mieville shop


Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt starts tomorrow!

Cog & Fleur will be participating from the Mieville shop.  Burlesque and Boudoir can be found on the 2nd floor and there’s a little freebie to be found there as well. :)


Sinister Steampunk Hunt!

Started Aug 1, runs through the month!  For my second hunt on SL, I’m introducing a neevil character called “Mad Mae”.  Poor Mae had a rough childhood, which doesn’t quite justify what she became.  Part alchemist, part magician, part witch, Mae is obsessed with finding the antidote to death through spells and chemical compounds using the blood and tissue of living creatures, primarily the sea creatures she calls her “squiddies”.

For the hunt, I’m offering two prizes. First, a green gown and leather apron outfit, which includes tool belt, hammer and bloody gloves.  This prize can be found at the Rag Dollz shop, see poster for location hint.


The second prize is just a little extra something for fun — Mae’s squiddy pendant.  Squiddy parts in green liquid in a test tube on a chain. Oooky.  Find this one at the Mieville shop, see poster for location hint. :)


Also at the Mieville shop, Mad Mae’s worktable and some of her ooky things in a bundle, plus her blood gown and canvas apron.



I haven’t posted these to the marketplace yet, but will very soon!

Burlesque vs. Steampunk Hunt starts in a few days!!!!!!

ELLE Steampunk Outfits

Found this great jacket mesh and just had to do something with it.  The jacket is available by itself or included in the full outfit bundles.  Three colors available so far, possibly more coming.  These are all available on the marketplace at the links below. Enjoy! :)

Full Outfit

Full Outfit

Full Outfit

BriAna Ivory Gown

Been super busy getting ready for some events coming up in July and August.  Links and pics coming soon!

Added a new gown to the Ivory Damask Collection: BriAna

Includes full gown skirts, sculptie bustle parts front and back, high waistband with rose buttons, satin under-trousers, lace gloves, taupe sweetheart top,and matching lace/roses choker and wristbands.  Looks great with my  ivory cameo jacket!