TRH3 Almost Here!

TRH3 posterheh, TRH3 sounds a little like an acronym from the Terminator.

The Renaissance Hunt (and Fair), starts Sunday!

It’s been a long time since I was able to go to a RL Renaissance Fair, but I still have pictures and a dried flower garland and lots of fond memories from the last one I went to. I anticipate this SL fair will be just as much fun as the RL fairs.

I’ve had a stroll around the (very impressive) virtual fairgrounds, peeked in at most of the shops and seen the different areas laid out for our amusement.  There’s an area set aside for fencing, a jousting arena, a puppet theater set up for kids, as well as a larger stage which I bet will have some fun entertainments, food and dancing areas, and of course, lots and lots of merchant booths with amazing SL products.

The fairgrounds are set in a circle, so you can wander, literally, around.  It doesn’t matter whether you start to the left or to the right, you’ll find something fun to see and do all along the route.  The gallery below is roughly starting to the left and wandering clockwise.

Starting location for both fair and hunt:

For more information:

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